Pane & Olio

Pane & Olio


14 guests, open kitchen that gives onto the dining room, Italian tradition and refinement

Pane & Olio

« He dies a slow death who doesn't upend the table when he is unhappy at work, who won't risk a sure thing for the uncertainty behind a dream, who won't allow himself at least once in his life, to flee from sensible advice ». P. Neruda

A forward-thinking, perhaps even slightly crazy, idea:

The desire to share his passion and an immeasurable love for delicacies, Chef Angelo Galasso imagined a new concept to create a new experience of gastronomy voluntarily moving away from a « classic » restaurant. Because he wanted to make people (re)discover ingredients and to have a close contact with his guests, he couldn't stay locked in a kitchen. That's how the story of Pane & Olio, the micro-restaurant, began. It is a micro-restaurant because it can only seat twelve guests - and guests can see the kitchen wherever they are sitting. Pane & Olio offers an unique experience with a gastronomic journey which plays with your senses of smell, taste and sight.

Bookings are required with the possibility of booking either an individual table or a single table for a group.

For group reservations, feel free to make the micro-restaurant an unique place entirely yours and spend a moment out of time (according to availability). The menu is imagined several times a month as seasons go by and according to the chef’s inspiration. In case of allergy or specific diet, changes can be made upon request.

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